Elias Cabrera et al v. Constructora San Felipe et al

Civil court
Constructora San Felipe, Ministry of Public Works of the Region of Los Lagos
Glyphosate, Herbicide, Touchdown IQ 500 SL
March 25, 2021
Chile, Puerto Montt

33 neighbours of the municipality of Chaitén file a complaint following the observation of illegal spraying of glyphosate-based herbicides…

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Rakoczy v. Syngenta et al.

Civil court
Syngenta, Chevron, John Does 1-50
Herbicide, Paraquat
March 25, 2021
United States

Paul Rakoczy suffers from Parkinson’s disease caused by exposure to paraquat within the State of California. He brings this suit against Defendants to recover damages…

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Public prosecutor v. X

Criminal court
Other, Anonymous
Insecticide, Phosphine
March 10, 2021
France, Cayenne

Following the death of a young woman admitted to the hospital in Kourou on 21/01/2021, the investigation opened by the Cayenne public prosecutor’s office determined that the victim’s house adjoined a storage room for rice treated with phosphine,…

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Farmworker Association of Florida et al v. EPA

Environmental NGOs, Unions, Farm/rural workers
Insecticide, Nematicide, Carbamate, Aldicarb
March 3, 2021
United States

Groups file a lawsuit to stop the dangerous pesticide aldicarb from being used on Florida’s citrus groves, after EPA approved its use on Jan. 12, 2021…

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UNAF v. the order of February 5, 2021

Beekeepers/Honey Producers
French Republic
Insecticide, Gaucho, Neonicotinoid, Imidacloprid, Thiamethoxam
March 2, 2021
France, Lyon

UNAF files an appeal for cancellation against the order of February 5, 2021 re-authorizing neonicotinoids for seed protection in beet crops….

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