La Maison du Bio

The Maison de la Bio was created to bring together the six main organizations defending the Bio sectors (Cosmebio, Forebio, Natexbio, Synabio, Synadiet, Synadis Bio), representing 10,000 companies from the agriculture, food, distribution, cosmetics and food supplements sectors. The association defends a fair, pragmatic and positive ecological and food transition.


Set up in 2008, the main goal of Ekibio’s Foundation is to raise awareness about healthier and more sustainable diets. Through various projects and actions, the Foundation also aims at raising awareness among citizens about the role of food in protecting health and the environment.

Groupe Léa Nature

The objective of the Lea Nature Foundation is to promote the preservation of nature and prevent the impact of environmental degradation on health. Its priority actions: the health-environment link, food sovereignty and access to seeds.


Biocoop is a network of independent, activist and committed actors. Biocoop stores have drawn up a charter on which all their activities are based: spirit of cooperation and development of sustainable organic farming, transparency and fair trade relations, quality of products and participation of consumers.

Oak Foundation

Oak Foundation is family-led and reflects the values of its founders. It commits its resources to address issues of global, social and environmental concern, particularly those that have a major impact on the lives of the disavantaged.

Aurelia Stiftung

To protect bees and to pursue beekeeping in a respectful way is imperative for the preservation of biodiversity and with that our own livelihood. That is why the Aurelia Foundation wants to anchor the appreciation for bees at the center of society as a non-partisan advocate. For the protection of bee health, cooperation between state-run institutions, associations and political parties shall be established.

Fondation Lemarchand

The Lemarchand Foundation for a Balance between People and the Earth supports associative projects promoting the respect, preservation and sustainable use of nature. Lifestyles and behaviours, intergenerational social solidarity, awareness, education and outdoor activities are at the heart of its mission.

Fondation Daniel et Nina Carasso

The Daniel and Nina Carasso Foundation was created in 2010 as a tribute to Daniel Carasso, founder of Danone, and his wife Nina. It operates in France and Spain. It unveils, supports, accompanies and connects women and men who dare to look at and build the world differently in the fields of Sustainable Food and Citizen Art. The Daniel and Nina Carasso Foundation is a family foundation, under the aegis of the Fondation de France. It is independent of any commercial company.