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On 16 February 2023, Pollinis filed an action before the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) to challenge the extension, for the fifth consecutive year, of the marketing authorisation for boscalid,…

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Justice Pesticides is meant to supply everybody, particularly victims of pesticides from all nationalities and status (neighbours, farmers, local authorities, scientists, etc.) with all legal cases involving pesticides in the world  […]



On Wednesday, February 15, the French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety (ANSES) announced that it was withdrawing of the main uses* of S-metolachlor-based plant protection products. S-metolachlor is the third most sold herbicide substance in France, after glyphosate and prosulfocarb (BNVD Traceability, 2022). Authorized since 2004, it is used in particular… Read More

In October 2020, the European Commission published a Strategy for Sustainable Chemicals, which aims to reduce human and environmental exposure to hazardous chemicals, while enhancing the competitiveness and innovation of European industry. This strategy, adopted by the European Parliament in July 2020, responds to the “Zero Pollution” ambition of the Green Pact for Europe. The… Read More

On 9 January, the European Commissioner for Health, Ms Stella Kyriakides, replied to the letter we had sent her, together with 28 associations, calling for an immediate ban on glyphosate in all member countries. According to her, the “regulatory framework in the EU establishes a comprehensive and rigorous process to examine all available information so… Read More