Paris, December 1, 2023. Dear readers, This newsletter presents the latest worldwide pesticide litigation news for the month of November. It’s been a dark month for the Earth. Among other things, there was the European Commission’s decision to renew the authorization of glyphosate, a probable carcinogen, for a further 10 years, and the European Parliament’s rejection… Read More

Dear readers, On 13 October, the vote by the Member States of the European Union on the European Commission’s proposal to renew the registration of glyphosate for 10 years failed to produce a qualified majority. A new vote is expected on 16 November. Meanwhile, in the United States, Bayer was condamned three times in October… Read More

Paris, Monday 30 October 2030 – On Monday 30 October, the French government announced a new plan for the management of pesticides up to 2030, known as the “Ecophyto 2030” plan. Launched in 2009 following the Grenelle Environment Forum, the first Ecophyto plan evolved into Ecophyto II in 2016, when the targets set were not… Read More

October 17, 2023, Brussels – The European Commission has decided to postpone the revision of the REACh regulation. The Commission’s work programme for the year 2024, published on October 17, no longer includes this revision. The REACh regulation (acronym for Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemicals) regulates the management and evaluation of chemical substances in… Read More

United States, 27 July 2023 – The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently published a database listing all incidents over the past ten years in which individuals have suffered or witnessed harm to human health or the environment resulting from the use of or exposure to pesticides. The database, which is updated every month, contains… Read More

Dear readers, While two court hearings began in the USA(1) and Australia(2) in September, opposing Monsanto to hundreds of people who, according to their allegations, developed cancer of the lymphatic system following exposure to and/or use of glyphosate-based products manufactured by the company, the member states of the European Union will vote on October 13… Read More