BASF v. European Commission

EU court
Economic stakeholders
European Commission
Insecticide, Fipronil, Ethoprophos, Phenylpyrazole, Pyrimiphos-methyl
November 4, 2013
European Union, Luxembourg

The plaintiff challenges the implementing regulation prohibiting the use and sale of seeds treated with products containing fipronil,…

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Hardeman v. Monsanto

Civil court
Monsanto, John Does 1-50
Herbicide, Glyphosate, Roundup, POEA
February 12, 2016
United States, San Francisco

Hardeman has alleged that his use of Roundup caused him to develop non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL). His case is considered a “bellwether” trial for hundreds of similar cases…

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UNAF v. Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries

Beekeepers/Honey Producers
Ministère de l'Alimentation, de l'Agriculture et de la Pêche, Bayer
Neonicotinoid, Insecticide, Proteus, Thiacloprid, Deltamethrin, Pyrethroid
November 29, 2010
France, Lyon

UNAF seeks the annulment of the Minister’s implied decision for ultra vires and requests that…

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Roundup Products Cases

Civil court
Monsanto, Wilbur-Ellis
Herbicide, Glyphosate, Roundup
June 2, 2017
United States, Oakland

Many of the cases against Monsanto (in October 2018, 252 cases) brought in California state courts were consolidated into the Roundup Judicial Council Coordination…

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Clean Label Project et al v. Panera, LLC

Civil court
Consumer Protection Organizations
Panera, JAB Holding Company
Glyphosate, Piperonyl Butoxide, Captan, Flutriafol, Fludioxonil, Thiabendazole, Boscalid, Cyprodinil, Pyraclostrobin, Dimethomorph, Tetrahydrophtalimide, Fungicide
March 22, 2019
United States, District of Columbia

Clean Label Project and GMO Free USA sue Panera for misleading labelling, marketing and sale of products that are advertised as “clean” even though they contain pesticide residues….

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