ClientEarth v. European Commission

EU court
Environmental NGOs
European Commission
Insecticide, Cypermethrin
September 30, 2021
European Union, Luxembourg

ClientEarth is challenging the Commission’s refusal to disclose the positions that Member States are defending when it comes to renewing the authorisation of cypermethrin….

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Destiny Clark v. Monsanto et al

Civil court
Herbicide, Roundup, Glyphosate
No description
United States, County of Los Angeles

Minor Ezra Clark has been directly exposed to Roundup when accompanying his mother, Destiny Clark, as she sprayed Roundup to control weeds at the family’s residence…

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Vermont Natural Resources Council et al v. Vermont Agency of Natural Resources

Environmental NGOs
Vermont Agency of Natural Resources
Insecticide, Malathion, Permethrin
August 16, 2021
United States

The Vermont Agency of Natural Resources is being sued by 2 NGOs for refusing to require an application to harm five species of threatened and endangered Vermont bats…

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Illegal use of pesticide

Criminal court
Unions, Environmental NGOs
Nematicide, Dichloropropene
June 19, 2020
France, Coutances

Eight vegetable farms and their three intermediaries have been charged with possession or use of dichloropropene, a product classified as a probable carcinogen,…

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Gomez v. Corteva et al

Civil court
Corteva, Dow Chemical, Pilibos Bros, Berberian Ranch, Gallo Vineyard
Insecticide, Organophosphate, Chlorpyrifos
July 21, 2021
United States

Plaintiff sues Corteva and Dow, on behalf of herself and her son, to recover damages arising out of the severe neurological injuries suffered by Ulysses, as a result of his exposure to chlorpyrifos,…

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