Syngenta V. FSVO

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Provisional judgment
Switzerland, Saint-Gall

Economic stakeholders
Federal Food Safety and Veterinary Office
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remove the information published on the website of the FSVO concerning the danger of chlorothalonil; remove the same information from the directive sent to the cantons
Federal Administrative Court of Saint-Gall, Switzerland

February 15, 2021
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The Federal Administrative Court accepts Syngenta Agro AG's request for interim measures. The Federal Office for Food Safety and Veterinary Affairs must refrain from designating four degradation products as toxicologically "relevant".

The court twice granted the requests for provisional measures, censuring the information shared by FSVO on chlorothalonil, while the case on the ban on the use of this active substance was still pending. In its first ruling of August 24, 2020, it ordered FSVO to temporarily withdraw the passage published on its website stating that chlorothalonil was probably carcinogenic and that all metabolites had to be considered toxicologically relevant. In its second decision of February 15, 2021, it orders the FSVO to temporarily withdraw the directive addressed to the canton insofar as it contains the aforementioned information.