Serge Bordes v. Dyrup

July 16, 2013
Not judged
France, Toulouse

Technicians and Professional users
Serge Bordes
François Lafforgue

Social court
An increase in his pension, a medical assessment for additional benefits and a prompt decision in view of his state of health.
Tribunal des Affaires de Sécurité Sociale of Toulouse, France
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Following recognition in 2013 of Parkinson's disease of Serge Bordes as a work-related illness, he sued his employer, the Dyrup company , for "inexcusable misconduct by the employer". The company, bought in 2012 by the American group PPG, disputes the work-related origin of the disease and therefore any responsibility in this case and refers the matter to the TASS of Nanterre to request recognition of the unenforceability of the decision to take charge of the work-related side of the disease. In 2016, the TASS of Toulouse decides to wait for the decision of the TASS of Nanterre before deciding. In 2019, it confirms the recognition of an occupational disease of the plaintiff. The hearing about the employer's inexcusable misconduct took place on 2 October 2019. The judgement is scheduled for 27 November 2019.