Residents v. aerial sprayings

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Final judgment
France, Brive, Limousin

Neighbours, Beekeepers/Honey Producers, Environmental NGOs
Philippe Bravard, Laurent Deyzac, Générations Futures, Fabrice Micouraud
Other, Individual
Stéphane Cottineau

Criminal court
Lambda Cyalhothrine
Recognition of the quality of victims in the face of non-compliance with pesticide application conditions in the municipality.
Tribunal de Grande Instance of Brive, Limousin, France

September 24, 2015
Declares Emmanuelle Félice guilty of using plant protection products without respecting the terms of use and sentenced to the payment of a fine of € 5,000

Serious shortcomings in the legislation on aerial spraying carried out on the chestnut groves of Correze with a product suspected to be carcinogenic.