Préfet des Hauts-de-Seine v. Maire de Courbevoie

December 26, 2019
Provisional judgment
France, Cergy-Pontoise

Préfet des Hauts-de-Seine
Christophe Cabanes, Charlotte Pezin

Summary proceedings
Herbicide, Glyphosate, Other
The Prefect is seeking the annulment of Order No 2019-3657 of 6 December 2019 prohibiting the use of plant protection products and in particular the use of herbicides containing glyphosate on the territory of the municipality, issued by Jacques Kossowski, Mayor of Courbevoie.
Tribunal administratif of Cergy-Pontoise, France

January 7, 2020
The execution of the order dated December 6, 2019 of the Mayor of Courbevoie is suspended until the court rules on the merits of the legality of this act.

Following the suspension of Order No. 2019-2649 by the court of Cergy-Pontoise (ref: 1913251), the mayor of Courbevoie issued Order No. 2019-3657 on 6/12/2019 to ban the use of pesticides and in particular herbicides containing glyphosate on the territory of the municipality. That order is also being challenged by the Prefect of Hauts-de-Seine on the ground that that measure does not fall within the competence of a mayor but of the Minister for Agriculture and on the ground that the order was issued in the absence of serious or imminent danger. The hearing at the Administrative Court of Cergy-Pontoise took place on 06/01/2020. On 7 January 2020, the judge in charge of the summary proceedings suspended the municipal by-law.