Prefect of Guadeloupe v. order n° 1200955

October 17, 2012
Final judgment
France, Basse-Terre

Prefect of Guadeloupe
Harry Durimel

Summary proceedings
Banole, Bion, Sico, Tilt 250, Gardian, Difenoconazole
Put an end to the effects of Order No. 1200955 by which the judge suspended the execution of the prefectoral order derogating for a period of six months from the ban on aerial spraying of the products mentioned in Article L.253-1 of the Rural and Maritime Fisheries Code.
Administrative Court of Basse-Terre, France

October 29, 2012
The effects of the judge's order preventing the 6-month derogation from the spreading ban are terminated.

The prefect challenges the judge's order suspending the execution of the order which banned the six-month derogation from the ban on aerial spraying of certain pesticides.