PAN EU et al v. State of Belgium

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December 7, 2022
Not judged
Belgium, Brussels

Environmental NGOs
PAN Europe, Nature&Progrès Belgique
State of Belgium
Antoine Bailleux

Cypermethrin, , Pyrethroid, Sherpa 100 EW, Aphicar 100 EW
Immediately suspend the authorization of Sherpa 100 EW and Aphicar 100 EW, two cypermethrin-based insecticides
Council of State of Brussels, Belgium

The organizations are challenging the marketing approvals for two cypermethrin-based insecticides as not complying with EU pesticide regulations. These substances can only be approved by member states when it has been demonstrated that they cannot be replaced by a safer alternative(s) for human health and the environment, according to EU implementing regulation 2021/2049, but the Belgian authorities have not conducted a comparative assessment to identify whether chemical and non-chemical alternatives exist.