Notre Affaire à Tous et al v. French State

January 10, 2022
Not judged
France, Paris

Environmental NGOs
Notre Affaire à Tous, Pollinis, Biodiversité sous nos pieds, Association nationale pour la protection des eaux et rivières Truite-Ombre-Saumon (Anper-Tos), Association pour la protection des animaux sauvages et du patrimoine naturel (ASPAS)
French Republic
Emmanuel DAOUD

Recognition of the responsibility of the French State and its failure to protect biodiversity; Revision of the process of placing pesticides on the market so that the most destructive of biodiversity can no longer be marketed; Compensation for the systemic ecological damage suffered.
Administrative Court of Paris, France

Five NGOs are filing a lawsuit against the French government for failing to meet its obligations to protect biodiversity, including the establishment of a pesticide registration system that truly protects pollinators and wildlife in general. According to the groups, this is the first citizen's lawsuit in the world against a state for failing to protect biodiversity. Since the State is committed to protecting biodiversity and stopping its decline, that pesticides are one of the main causes of this decline, that the process of authorizing the marketing of pesticides is deeply insufficient, that these inadequacies lead to the marketing of products whose effects have not been fully and impartially studied, that the State is competent to regulate the marketing of pesticides in addition to the competence of the European Union in this matter, by not acting on the failures noted, the State is clearly guilty of faulty failure likely to engage its responsibility in particular for ecological damage.