MP Dubois v. 2 faucheurs volontaires

June 30, 2018
Final judgment
France, Orléans

Marianne Dubois
Nicolas Gallon

Criminal court
Glyphosate, Roundup, Herbicide
Condemn the defendants for damage to or deterioration of the property of others committed in a group held on 06/29/2018 in Pithiviers (Loiret).
Criminal Court of Orléans, France

May 16, 2019
Relax the 2 reapers. At the civil level, compensation of €944 was claimed from the reapers.
National law
No description

The MP is suing 2 Voluntary Reapers for putting up 9 posters with the slogan "GLYPHOSATE = LICENSE TO KILL - immediate ban" on the shutters of the premises of a parliamentary permanence. A white poster was glued transversely to the first posters with the words "Where were you when the vote was taking place?" The complaint alleges that these degradations were committed in a group. The hearing is scheduled for 02/21/2019. The member is asking for 4600 €. The deliberation, scheduled on 3/21/2019 has been delayed until May 16, 2019. The court orders the relax of the reapers on the grounds of necessity. Nevertheless, at the civil level, the Court held that the reapers' conduct had caused damage to the plaintiff, for which compensation of €944 is awarded.