Ministère public v. HOUSSIN

August 8, 2007
Final judgment
France, Coutances

Beekeepers/Honey Producers, Environmental NGOs
Frédéric Colombo, Association Manche Nature
Individual, Farmers
Benoist Busson

Criminal court
Insecticide, Carbaryl, Sevin L 85
Criminal conviction and compensation for damage resulting from the destruction of bees.
Criminal court of Coutances, France

September 13, 2011
Declares H. guilty of the alleged acts (use of a plant protection product outside the authorised periods), sentences him to a suspended fine; in the civil action, declares H. liable for the damage suffered by C., sentences him to a sum of money (and expert opinion for the remainder).
National law

Mr. H., an arboriculturist, is accused of having used the carbaryl-based insecticide Sevin L 85 without observing the limitations and conditions of use, resulting in the destruction of bees. The result is the criminal conviction of the arboriculturist; the beekeeper has been compensated for his harm directly related to the offence.