Laurent Guillou v. N.N.A

January 11, 2012
Final judgment
France, Côtes d'Armor

Farm/rural workers
Laurent Guillou
Nutrea Nutrition Animale (N.N.A),
François Lafforgue

Social court
, Nuvagrain, K-obiol
The plaintiff seeks recognition of the inexcusable misconduct of his employer which resulted in two work-related accidents that he suffered.
Court of Social Security Affairs of Côtes d'Armor, France

September 11, 2014
Partially Positive
The court declares the inexcusable fault of the NNA Company on a single work accident and orders an expert to examine the victim. An increased annuity is paid to the plaintiff.

The plaintiff asked the court to say that the workplace injury suffered by him was the result of his employer's inexcusable misconduct.