L H v. Mutualité Sociale Agricole d’Armorique (MSA)

January 15, 2011
Provisional judgment
France, Rennes

Farm/rural workers
Mutualité Sociale Agricole d'Armorique
François Lafforgue

, Nuvagrain, Organophosphate
Mr H asks the court to judge that his illness is of occupational origin; or to obtain the opinion of a Regional Committee for the Recognition of Occupational Diseases other than the one already referred to by the MSA. (Decision contested: Judgment of the TASS of SAINT BRIEUC of 2/4/2013)
Cour d'appel of Rennes, France

June 6, 2017
Partially Positive
The Court appoints the Regional Committee for the Recognition of Occupational Diseases of Normandy to determine whether Mr. H's illness was caused by his work; Refers the case to the hearing of January 30, 2018 for debate on the merits after opinion of the committee.

Mr. L H has been employed since 1986 by UCA, which became Nutrea, SP Nutra then SAS Unicopa Developpement, then SAS NNA (Triskalia). Livestock feed driver until the end of 2009, he was assigned to dryer cleaning at the beginning of 2010; on this occasion he took part in analyses of cereal samples treated with "nuvagrain 3082" (organophosphate), which made him sick and prompted him to apply to the TASS St Brieuc for recognition of an occupational disease. By judgment of 2/4/2013, the court dismissed Mr H's claims. Mr. H appealed on 2/13/2013. On 5/28/2014, the court confirmed the judgment in that it dismissed Mr H's claims.