Josette Wier v. Health Minister

May 5, 2009
Final judgment
Canada, Ontario

Josette Wier
Health Minister
Jason Gratl

Civil court
Roundup, Glyphosate, POEA
Application for judicial review of the Minister's decision refusing to conduct a "special review" of the health or environmental risks associated with phytopharmaceutical products
Federal Court of Ontario, Canada

November 21, 2011
Partially Positive
The application for judicial review is allowed with costs. The decision of the Minister of Health 24/8/2009 not to proceed with a "special examination" is set aside, and the matter is remitted to the Minister for reconsideration
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The complainant is asking the Minister to conduct a special review of the pesticide sprayed glyphosate by air on forests near his place of residence. He is concerned about the risks to the environment and health posed by the product