Department of Justice et al v. Olin

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June 13, 1980
Final judgment
United States, Birmingham, Alabama

Justice, Individuals
Department of Justice, Residents of Triana
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Civil court
Stipulated Settlement Agreement
, DDT (Dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane), Organochlorine
To force Olin to accept responsibility for the DDT dumping around the Redstone Arsenal ; To force Olin to clean up the DDT in the Huntsville Spring Branch at Olin's expense ; To force Olin to establish a healthcare program for all residents that were exposed to DDT ; To require Olin to compensate the plaintiffs for their loss of income.
U.S. District Court of Birmingham, Alabama, United States

April 15, 1983
Olin will clean up the DDT residue from the nearby Wheeler refuge and from the sediment of the Huntsville Spring Branch-Indian Creek tributary to reduce DDT levels in fish within a 10-year period. In addition to paying for the cleanup, Olin will provide $24 million to assist residents of the contaminated area.
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In 1980, the Department of Justice and residents of Triana sue Olin, operating at the Army's Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville between 1947 and 1970, claiming that the company illegally caused DDT contamination of thousands of acres, including the neighboring Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge. On April 15, 1983 Olin has formally agreed to a multi-million dollar cleanup of DDT contamination around its former manufacturing facility, and to provide for health care for the residents of the nearby community of Triana, through an out-of-court settlement decided on December 30, 1982.