Damien Bolduc v. Semico inc.

July 15, 2004
Final judgment
Canada, Quebec

Technicians and Professional users
Damien Bolduc
Semico inc.
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Arbitration court
Herbicide, , Other
The complainant asks for confirmation of the CSST's decision and to declare that he has been the victim of an occupational disease and to order the CSST to compensate him accordingly.
Commission on Occupational Injuries of Quebec, Canada

May 6, 2005
The Commission rejects the claim for lack of evidence between the exposure to toxic products involved in carrying out the complainant's duties at his employe

The complainant, a victim of chronic headache resulting from exposure to toxic products during the repair of pumps owned by farmers and used to spray herbicides, insecticides and fungicides, disputes the decisions of the Commission for Health and Safety at Work (CSST ) not to consider his illness as an occupational disease.