Croplife Canada v. City of Toronto

31036 (198 O.A.C. 35) 03-CV-251020CM1
June 23, 2003
Final judgment
Canada, Toronto

Economic stakeholders
Croplife Canada
Public collectivities
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Civil court
Herbicide, , Fungicide
Croplife Canada is seeking the annulment of Regulation No. 456-2003 on the ground that it is constitutionally inoperative under the doctrine of federal paramountcy because it is contrary to a federal legislative objective.
Court of Appeals of Toronto, Canada

May 13, 2005
L'appel est rejeté.

Croplife Canada is seeking the cancellation of the City of Toronto's By-law No. 456-2003 regarding the use of pesticides within the city limits, as it contravenes the purpose of the Pest Control Products Act, R.S.C. 1985, c. P-9 by denying Canadians the benefits that the federal system is intended to provide. Croplife's application was dismissed on 8/12/2003, as was its appeal of that decision on 7/1/2004. On 17/11/2005, the application for leave to appeal the Ontario Court of Appeal decision (C41220) was dismissed with costs. See 114957 Canada Ltée (Spraytech) v. Town of Hudson.