Claassen v. Monsanto et al

August 18, 2017
Not judged
United States, Kansas

Farmers, Economic stakeholders
Jed R. Claassen, individually and as Representative of Claassen Farms, Claassen Farms, all others similarly situated, and the class they seek to represent
Monsanto, BASF, John Does 1-50
Dustin De Vaughn, Richard James, Cody Claassen, Paul Byrd, Joseph Gates, Jerry Kelly

Civil court
Class action
Herbicide, Dicamba, Engenia
Order certifying this lawsuit as a class action; judgment for actual and compensatory damages in accordance with the proof; judgment for punitive damages; plaintiffs’ costs, expert fees, disbursements and attorneys’ fees...
United States District Court of Kansas, United States

Plaintiffs suffered significant damage when dicamba drifted onto their fields due to dicamba-resistant soybean grown in their vicinity and sprayed large amounts of dicamba-based herbicides. Dicamba's high volatility is seen as a feature by the manufacturers, meant to force other farmers to use their products if they don’t want to suffer losses when their neighbors spray.