BELA v. Ministry of Agriculture and others

Writ Petition No. 14614
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Final judgment
Bangladesh, Dhaka

Bangladesh Environmental Lawyers Association (BELA)
Sayeed Ahmed Kabir, Syeda Rizwana Hasan

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Glyphosate, Roundup, Herbicide
Effectively regulate pesticide use; cancel the registration and licenses of glyphosate-based pesticides; promote use of safe alternatives to glyphosate-based pesticides; study the health impacts associated with use of glyphosate-based pesticides ; investigate deaths associated with exposure to glyphosate-based pesticides and provide compensation to affected families ; set up an independent commission to monitor the health, safety, and environmental impacts of pesticide use in Bangladesh.
Supreme Court of Bangladesh of Dhaka, Bangladesh

January 5, 2020
Rule Nisi “calling upon respondents to show cause as to i) why they should not be directed to set up a regular … commission to monitor the health safety and environmental aspects of use of pesticides and to ensure adoption of a appropriate, … measures and protocols, cancel registrations and licenses of all Glyphosate containing pesticides and ii) why the registration given by the respondents to all pesticides containing Glyphosate …, the … renewal of the same … – should not be declared unlawful.

BELA asked the Supreme Court seeking to compel agriculture, health, and environmental ministries to effectively regulate pesticide use and cancel the registration and licenses of glyphosate-based pesticides. The High Court directed the government to form an action plan in 90 days to phase out Glyphosate containing pesticides, including Roundup, and to introduce safe alternatives.