Association Nationale pour la Protection des Eaux et Rivières et al v. French State

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February 2, 2023
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France, Paris

Environmental NGOs, Health/Food groups, Individuals
Association Nationale pour la Protection des Eaux et Rivières, Alterna’bio, Campagne glyphosate France, Collectif Anti-Pesticides 66, Collectif anti-OGM 66, Comité Écologique Ariègeois, Confédération paysanne France (et ses groupes locaux Aveyron, Lot et Ariège), Foll’avoine, Générations Futures, Halte OGM 07, Le Chabot, Nature & Progrès France (et ses groupes locaux Aveyron et Tarn), Nature Rights, Notre Affaire à Tous, PIG BZH, Santé Environnement Auvergne/Rhône-Alpes, SOS MCS, Terre d'abeilles, Union Nationale de l’Apiculture Française, Gabriel Amard, Ségolène Amiot, Rodrigo Arenas, Julien Bayou, Lisa Belluco, Manuel Bompard, Sylvain Carrière, Sophia Chikirou, Jean-François Coulomme, Catherine Couturier, Alma Dufour, Elsa Faucillon, Marie-Charlotte Garin, Clémence Guetté, Mathilde Hignet, Jérémie Iordanoff, Arnaud Le Gall, Charlotte Leduc, Pascale Martin, Marie Pochon, Loïc Prud'homme, Sandra Regol, Matthias Tavel
State, Minister of Agriculture
Guillaume Tumerelle

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Conseil d'Etat of Paris, France
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30 associations and 28 deputies are challenging before the Council of State the risk assessment of pesticides carried out by the National Agency for Food Safety and Health (ANSES), which does not comply with European regulations.

The risk assessment allows to authorize the marketing (AMM) of commercial preparations of pesticide, if ANSES concludes that the risks are acceptable with regard to the criteria defined in Regulation 1107/2009 of the European Union.

However, ANSES, like other national health agencies, does not comply with the risk assessment process, as ruled by the Court of Justice of the European Union in a decision of October 1, 2019 (C-616/17). In it, the Court stated that Regulation 1107/2009 does not "exempt the applicant from providing carcinogenicity and long-term toxicity tests relating to the plant protection product covered by an application for authorisation" (§113), which is not done by the Agencies during the risk assessments.

The plaintiffs therefore sent a prior request to the Prime Minister, Elisabeth Borne, on October 5, 2022, to highlight the failures of the risk assessment. In the absence of a response from the latter, they are authorized to file an appeal before the Council of State.