AGAC v. French State

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May 26, 2021
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France, Paris

Consumer Protection Organizations
Association guadeloupéenne d'action contre le chlordécone (AGAC)
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Organochlorine, Chlordecone
40 million € to map the potentially polluted soils of Guadeloupe and 100 million € to compensate the owners whose plots are polluted.
Administrative Court of Paris , France

The Association Guadeloupéenne d'Action contre le Chlordécone (AGAC), an organisation affiliated to the Union Générale des Travailleurs de Guadeloupe (UGTG), lodged an application with the Paris Administrative Court on 26 May 2021 for the State to invest in mapping the soil in Guadeloupe contaminated by chlordecone.

Chlordecone, an organochlorine insecticide used extensively on banana crops in Martinique and Guadeloupe between the 1970s and 1990s, is a carcinogenic substance and an endocrine disruptor that has been banned in France since the early 1990s. Because of its repeated use in Guadeloupe, and the persistence of the product, many Guadeloupean soils remain contaminated by chlordecone. In order to identify contaminated soils that are unfit for cultivation and dangerous for biodiversity and human health, AGAC is asking the French government for €40 million to carry out an analysis of potentially polluted soils and €100 million to compensate owners if the contamination is proven.

This request was made at the same time as AGAC filed a complaint against certain French officials accused of wilfully ignoring the dangers of chlordecone. The Paris Administrative Court has not yet ruled on the investment request.

At the same time, on 24 June 2022, the Paris Administrative Court acknowledged that the French government had been negligent in its repeated approval of chlordecone, but ruled that the measures adopted from the late 1990s onwards were sufficient to prevent the non-material damage caused by anxiety (2006925/6-2, 2107178/6-2, 2126538/6-2).