Newsletter n°12 – September 2023

  October 6, 2023

Dear readers,

While two court hearings began in the USA(1) and Australia(2) in September, opposing Monsanto to hundreds of people who, according to their allegations, developed cancer of the lymphatic system following exposure to and/or use of glyphosate-based products manufactured by the company, the member states of the European Union will vote on October 13 for or against the European Commission’s proposal to renew the authorization of this herbicide for ten years.

In this context, we have published a petition for a global ban on glyphosate, signed by lawyers defending nature and pesticide victims around the world.

In this newsletter n°12, you will find a selection of court decisions published in our database in September 2023. The topics covered are vast (risk assessment, protection of endangered species, illegal sale of pesticides, aerial spraying, investment arbitration, etc.),
and we hope you enjoy reading them)

Justice Pesticides Team

Paris, October 4th.

(1) Barbara Allegrezza, et al. v. Monsanto, n°19SL-CC03421
(2) McNickle, et al. v. Monsanto et al., n°VID243/2020 

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