Joint open letter: EU food supply and solidarity response to the war in Ukraine

  March 10, 2022

More than 85 NGOs, including Justice Pesticides and  numerous partners, are calling on the European Union to not derail the EU Farm to Fork and Biodiversity Strategies on the false claim that European food security is threatened by the current Russia-Ukraine war.

This letter comes as a reaction to the statement by Commissioner Wojciechowski that “if food security is in danger, then we need to have another look at the objectives of the Farm to Fork strategy and correct them”. We believe the contrary to be true: the crisis in Ukraine is yet another reminder of how essential it is to implement the Green Deal and its Farm to Fork and Biodiversity Strategies. More than ever, the EU must shift towards healthy, socially and environmentally friendly farming practices, such as agroecology, organic farming, and agroforestry, which provide the only path to ensuring long-term food security, food sovereignty, and the overall sustainability of the food systems. We must turn away from intensive agriculture, industrial fisheries and aquaculture.

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