Goliath : Cinema takes action to denounce the world of agrochemistry

  March 8, 2022

With the movie Goliath in French theaters from March 9, it is the first time that a mainstream movie, which deals with the world of pesticides, from users and victims to environmental protection associations and the manufacturers’ lobby, is released in the traditional movie distribution channels. In a breathtaking, moving and relentless movie, Frédéric Tellier takes us into the struggle between the defenders of the environment and those of pesticides.

The film unveils the judicial and human struggle against the pesticide industry through three characters, played by three great actors: a lawyer specialized in environmental law (Gilles Lellouche), an environmental activist (Emmanuelle Bercot) and a lobbyist who defends the interests of an agrochemical giant (Pierre Niney).

Justice Pesticides recommends seeing this fascinating film. Activists from NGOs and victims of pesticides will recognize situations that are close to those they have experienced. Justice Pesticides, which collects all the legal cases related to pesticides in the world on its website, has recognized many very real situations. However, this movie is not a documentary, but a real thriller, which is aimed at all audiences and movie lovers.

We hope that it will reach a wide audience and raise awareness and mobilize all those who do not know or have not yet been interested in the devastating effects of pesticides.  Citizens will be able, thanks to this striking film on the troubled world of agrochemistry, to better understand how things happen and become aware of the importance of not remaining inactive on this issue.

See the trailer (in French).