Legal cases

United States

John Carson filed a lawsuit against Monsanto in 2017 after contracting malignant fibrous histiocytoma (MFH) due to his exposure to Roundup for 30 years….

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FNAB and Générations Futures are taking legal action to request the withdrawal and immediate suspension of the commercial authorization of Fixy, a prosulfocarb-based herbicide….

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Who we are

Justice Pesticides is meant to supply everybody, particularly victims of pesticides from all nationalities and status (neighbours, farmers, local authorities, scientists, etc.) with all legal cases involving pesticides in the world  […]



The documentary broadcast by Arte television channel “Pesticides: the European hypocrisy” exposes the inconsistencies of the European policy on dangerous pesticides, with, among others, the contribution of Larissa Bombardi, Brazilian geographer at the University of São Paulo and board member of Justice Pesticides. While the European Union (EU) has banned the use of a number… Read More

On July 7, 2022, our partner PAN Europe challenged the new extension of approval of the toxic pesticide Dimoxystrobin granted by the European Commission, before the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU). PAN EU intends to denounce the current practice of systematically re-approving dangerous pesticides by the European institution, without any adequate re-evaluation… Read More

The association Good Food Good Farming (GFGF) invites European citizens to participate in a European participatory science action, Pesticide-Checkup! Until June 30, 2022, it is proposed to all those who want to request a hair test, conducted by an independent French laboratory, which will seek to detect the presence of residues of 30 pesticides in… Read More