USRTK v. University of Maryland

CAL 22-16942
June 3, 2022
Not judged
United States

Consumer Protection Organizations
US Right To Know (USRTK)
University of Maryland (UMD)
Susan Stevens Miller, Carrie Apfel, Kara Goad

Civil court
Civil action for injunctive and declaratory relief
Insecticide, Neonicotinoid
An order from the Court: 1. Declaring that UMD violated the Maryland Public Information Act (MPIA) by arbitrarily and capriciously denying USRTK’s request for a fee waiver; 2. Ordering UMD to release all non-exempt, responsive records to USRTK without charge; 3. Retaining jurisdiction over this case to rule on any assertion by UMD that certain responsive records are exempt from disclosure...
Circuit Court for Prince George's County, United States

U.S. Right to Know is suing the University of Maryland to challenge the exorbitant fee of nearly $100,000 to receive records relating to their investigation into communications between bee expert Dennis vanEnglesdorp and the pesticide industry and its allies. The pesticide industry ties of University of Maryland Prof. vanEnglesdorp have attracted the attention of journalists such as Stéphane Foucart, from French daily Le Monde.