The Kilgores v. Monsanto et al

22CV-21-138 // CV-22-635
October 7, 2021
Not judged
United States, Arkansas

Farmers, Landscapers
Cornelius Kilgore, Labommie Kilgore
Monsanto, Walmart
Lance Lee, James Onder, Mark Berns, W. Wylie Blair, Bart Rankin, Jay Utley, Joanna Raines McKinney, Joshua Richardson, McAlan Duncan, Matthew Stubbs.

Civil court
Herbicide, Glyphosate, Roundup
Judgement in favor of plaintiffs in an amount in excess of $ 75.000 for special and punitive damages.
Circuit Court of Drew County of Arkansas, United States

The plaintiffs allege that Cornelius Kilgore's exposure to Roundup herbicide caused him to develop non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL). They also allege that Monsanto was well aware of the risks of the active ingredient in its herbicides, glyphosate, but hid the risks from consumers, failing to warn them despite scientific evidence showing the cancer-causing potential of the products. Mr. Kilgore regularly came into contact with Roundup, both at work and in maintaining his and family's properties. He was diagnosed with cancer at age 43 in November 2018, unaware of the alleged link between Roundup and cancer. The Kilgores have filed suit on Oct. 7 2021 in Drew County Circuit Court.