Steckler et al v. Pepsico and The Quaker Oats Company

October 26, 2018
Not judged
United States, Central District of California

Morgan Steckler
PepsiCo, Inc., The Quaker Oats Company, Inc.
Patricia N. Syverson, Manfred P. Muecke, Elaine A. Ryan, Carrie A. Laliberte, Stewart M. Weltman, Todd L. McLawhorn, Michael Chang

Civil court
Class action, Jury
Herbicide, Glyphosate, Roundup
Plaintiff seeks preliminary and permanent injunctive and equitable relief; declaratory relief and an injunction prohibiting Defendants from continuing such practices, restitution of all money obtained from Plaintiff and the members of the Classes collected as a result of unfair competition; Court Order declaring Defendants to be in violation of the CLRA;
United States District Court of Central District of California, United States

Plaintiff files a class-action complaint against PepsiCo and The Quaker Oats Company for misleading advertising. allegedly deceptively marketing 17 food products – as being healthy when the company fails to disclose that the products contain glyphosate, which is allegedly a carcinogen.