Sonia Eduarda Franco v. Dow Chemical Company

08-80090, 03-57038
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Final judgment
United States, San Francisco

Farm/rural workers
Sonia Eduarda Franco Franco and 465 Nicaraguan plaintiffs
Dow Chemical
Thomas V. Girardi, Walter J. Lack, Paul A. Traina

Civil court
Nematicide, DBCP
Decide the appropriate discipline in the case of respondents who represent Nicaraguan claimants in litigation concerning the effects of the DBCP on banana plantation workers.
United States Court of Appeals for the ninth circuit of San Francisco, United States

July 13, 2010
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Thomas V. Girardi is formally reprimanded, Walter J. Lack and Paul A. Traina are suspended from practice before the Ninth Circuit for six months.
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In september 2001, Sonia Eduarda Franco and 465 other Nicaraguan plaintiffs sued several American companies for injuries caused by the companies’ use of DBCP on banana plantations in Nicaragua. Respondents
attempted to enforce a Nicaraguan judgment for $489 million in district court and failed. They undertook and maintained an appeal to this court although they knew that the document they offered as evidence of that judgment was spurious.