Snell et al v. Robert Young and Co et al

December 21, 1998
Final judgment
United Kingdom

Farm/rural workers, Farmers
Herbert George Snell, Paul Cooper, Evan Owen Jones, others
Robert Young and Co Limited
J. Melville Williams, J. Bates, S. Levene

Civil court
Class action
Damages "in respect of organophosphate poisoning resulting from exposure to organophosphate products used in sheep dipping".
Supreme Court of Judicature, Court of Appeal (Civil Division), United Kingdom
Appellate (Appeal) Court

November 21, 2002
The appeal is dismissed.
National law

Plaintiffs that were poisoned by organophosphates used to dip sheep sought damages. The judge dismissed the class action for abuse of process in first instance finding that there was no clear evidence linking the injuries to the use of these chemicals. Plaintiffs claim that the dismissal of the class action did not dismiss their individual claims and appealed. The case is dismissed on appeal, since the judge stated that in disposing of the class litigation procedure and order, it did not make sense to allow the individual claims to proceed.