Pour notre santé et al. V. Persons unknown – Secrets Toxiques

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June 28, 2023
Not judged
France, Pau

Health/Food groups
Pour notre santé, Les Pyrénées re-belles
Guillaume Tumerelle

Criminal court
All, Other
Labelling fraud, endangerment and environmental damage
Judicial Court of Pau, France

Two NGOs file a complaint againt persons unknown for label fraud, endangering the lives of others, and environmental damage relating to pesticides. The complaint is part of the Secrets Toxiques campaign. This campaign already includes a complaint against X for labeling fraud, endangering the lives of others and environmental damage filed on December 1, 2020 before the Paris Judicial Court, as well as an associated appeal for wrongful failure of the French State filed on February 2, 2023 before the Council of State.

The complaint is based on the "Toxic compouds in herbicide without glyphosate" study by Gilles-Eric Seralini and Gérald Jungers, published in October 2020, which reveals the presence of undeclared toxic compounds in 14 pesticides sold over the counter in Europe, 10 of which are sold in France. These compounds include arsenic, lead and benzo(A)pyrene. What these products have in common is that they are sold as "biocontrol" products, meaning that they must contain only naturally occurring, non-toxic compounds. The incriminated products are still on sale over the counter to private individuals and local collectivities, despite the fact that they represent a threat to the health of our fellow citizens and to the environment.

The aim of the complaint is to obtain the withdrawal of the products and the identification of those responsible for the fraud.