PAN Europe et al v. European Commission

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August 31, 2022
Not judged
European Union, Luxembourg

Environmental NGOs
Pesticide Action Network Europe (PAN-EU), Sum Of Us
European Commission
Antoine Bailleux

, Pyrethroid, Cypermethrin
Cancel the European Commission's decision from November 2021to re-approve the toxic insecticide Cypermethrin for 7 years.
Court of Justice of the European Union of Luxembourg, European Union

PAN Europe challenges the reapproval of the dangerous insecticide Cypermethrin for 7 years in the EU in November 2021, despite the conclusions of its scientific agency (EFSA) to ban this insecticide. Endocrine disruption, genotoxicity and extreme toxicity to aquatic life and bees were among the numerous issues highlighted by the EFSA and considerable amount of data gaps prevented the agency from finalizing the risk assessment of the substance. According to the plaintiffs, EFSA has identified 4 so-called “Critical Areas of Concerns” that represent major issues that do not allow the EFSA to consider the substance safe. So it does not fulfil the legal requirements to be approved in the EU.