Lise D’Amours, Gilles Mongeon v. Transat Tours Canada inc.

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Final judgment
Canada, Quebec

Lise D'Amours, Gilles Mongeon
Steve Guénard

Civil court
Application in declinatory exception of the co-defendant on the grounds that the Quebec Courts are not competent since the prejudice suffered by the plaintiffs occurred in Jamaica
Superior Court of Quebec, Canada

June 16, 2006
The court dismisses the defendants' motion and orders them to pay the costs
State law

The plaintiffs stayed at the Royal Decameron Club Caribbean Hotel in Jamaica and were sprayed with a dangerous pesticide during their stay without notice. They immediately felt discomfort and were victims of mild respiratory distress, tachycardia, tachypnea, diathoresis, paleness and intense weakness, symptoms noted by a nurse present on the scene.