Janki Bai Sahu and others v. Union Carbide Corporation and Warren Anderson

November 8, 2004
Provisional judgment
United States, New York

Janki Bai Sahu and others
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Civil court
The plaintiffs suffered many ills caused by highly carcinogenic chemicals and toxic pollutants in the drinking water supply from the premises of the former UCIL factory.
Court Of Appeals (Second circuit) of New York, United States

November 3, 2008
Partially Positive
the judgment of the district court is vacated and the cause remanded to the district court for further proceedings
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On November 8, 2004, residents and property owners in Bhopal, India, filed a complaint with the Southern New York District Court seeking unconditional and monetary measures under New York law on the grounds that water pollution from the operation of a pesticide factory owned and operated by Union Carbide India Limited ("UCIL") in India.