GAEC de Menez Leon Contre Corre Apro

178 ; R.G : 13.04694
July 18, 2012
Final judgment
France, Rennes

Groupement agricole d'exploitation en commun de Menez Leon (joint farming group of Menez Leon)
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Civil court
Fungicide, Dithane, Calanque
Compensation for the damage caused by the loss of the shallot harvest due to incorrect recommendations for anti-sprouting treatment by its technician.
Court of appeal of Rennes, France

May 13, 2015
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SAS Corre Appro was ordered to pay 80,000 euros in damages and 3,000 euros in legal costs.

In a ruling handed down by the Rennes Court of Appeal on May 13, 2015, SAS Corre Appro was found liable for the loss suffered by the "joint farming group" of Menez Léon in the loss of its shallot production. The Court of Appeal concluded that there was a direct causal link between the fault committed by SAS Corre Appro's agricultural technician in advising on the application of anti-germinant and the loss of the shallot crop. Indeed, the technician, who had scoured the field and knew the dosage of the anti-germinant, should have recommended a differentiated application in view of the typology of the field.