Federal Public Prosecutor’s Office v. ANVISA and Union

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Final judgment
Brazil, Brasilia

Ministèrio Público Federal
Agência Nacional de Vigilância Sanitária (ANVISA), União
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Civil court
Herbicide, , Carbofuran, Paraquat, Glyphosate, Fungicide, Methyl parathion, Lactofen, Abamectin, Thiram
Do not grant new authorizations for products containing the active ingredients listed and suspend existing authorizations.
Federal Regional Court of Brasilia, Brazil

September 3, 2018
The decision of 8.3.2018 that the Union must not grant new registries of products containing the active ingredients abamectin, glyphosate and thiram and must suspend the registration of all products containing these substances within 30 days until ANVISA completes the toxicological re-evaluation is overturned.

The Federal Public Ministry requests the withdrawal of authorisations for pesticides based on the active ingredients glyphosate, thiram, abamectin and wins at the Federal Court. 8.24.2018, the Union's Advocate General has contested the decision and the Court may reverse its decision. 9.4.2018, the decision to suspend is overturned.