EPA v. John Gallagher

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Final judgment
United States, Scranton, Pennsylvania

Environmental Protection Agency (Agence de Protection de l’Environnement, ou EPA)
Individual, Farmers
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Criminal court
Condemn John Gallagher for having falsified several pesticide spraying licenses and other certifications directly associated with his spraying activity.
Lackawanna County District Justice Court of Scranton, Pennsylvania , United States
First instance

December 14, 2023
John Gallagher receives a two-year suspended prison sentence.
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On December 14, 2023, the District Court of Justice for Lackawanna County sentenced John Gallagher to a two-year suspended prison sentence for falsifying several pesticide application licenses and other certifications directly associated with his spraying business.

John Gallagher, owner of J. Douglas Environmental Systems, falsified his pesticide applicator certifications, as well as those of his employees, which had expired. He also falsified insurance policy certificates related to his work as a certified pesticide applicator. He forwarded these falsified documents as proof of his ability to carry out this activity to several phytosanitary product merchants and customers in several federal states, generating almost $900,000 for his company.

Considering the risk this fraud posed to the health of his customers and residents of the states concerned (Virginia, New York, Pennsylvania), he was given a suspended two-year prison sentence.