Center for Environmental Health et al v. Scott Pruitt et al

May 30, 2018
Not judged
United States, Northern District of California

Health/Food groups, Environmental NGOs
Center for Environmental Health, Center for Biological Diversity, Californians for Pesticide Reform
EPA, Other
Jonathan Evans

Civil court
Civil action for injunctive and declaratory relief
Malathion, , Organophosphate
Declare that EPA is violating its substantive and procedural duties by continuing registration of pesticide products and registering new pesticide products containing malathion; vacate EPA’s registrations of pesticide products containing malathion; Award Plaintiffs their costs and r easonable attorneys’ fees.
United States District Court of Northern District of California, United States

5.30.2018, Plaintiffs sue the Trump administration and EPA chief Scott Pruitt for failing to protect endangered wildlife and the environment from the dangerous pesticide malathion.