Carmela Zamora Avila, Reymundo Arciniega Herrara v. Corteva

October 27, 2020
Not judged
United States

Farm/rural workers
Carmela Zamora Avila, Reymundo Arciniega Herrara
Dow Chemical, Corteva, City of Avenal, John A. Kochergen Properties, Westside Harvesting
Patricia N. Syverson, Van Bunch, W. Stuart Calwell, L. Danté diTrapano, Alexander D. McLaughlin, D. Christopher Hedges

Civil court
Chlorpyrifos, , Organophosphate
Punitive and compensatory damages for pain and suffering, loss of wages, medical expenses, and parental anguish.
California Superior Court for Kings County, United States

Parents say their daughter Britney, now 13, was exposed to chlorpyrifos in the womb, through contaminated drinking water, from exposed air, and by tainted dust in her home. Plaintiffs sue Dow Chemical Co., Corteva, a California town, and two pesticide application companies, claiming that exposure to the powerful insecticide chlorpyrifos led to her significant health problems (autism, obesity, and vision problems).