Blitz v. Monsanto

June 20, 2017
Not judged
United States, Western District of Wisconsin

Thomas Blitz, Kevin Blair, Gregory Chick, Mario Washington, Terence D. Moore, Richard G. Dulniak
Monsanto, Scotts Miracle-Gro
Mary C. Turke, Kim E. Richman, Michael L. Baum, Michael J. Gabrielli, Aimee H. Wagstaff, Michael J. Miller, Robin L. Greenwald, Robert F. Kennedy

Civil court
Class action, Jury
Herbicide, Roundup, Glyphosate
Any applicable equitable relief and compensation equal to the amount of money they paid for Roundup Products that they would not have purchased had they known the truth.
United States District court of Western District of Wisconsin, United States

6.20.2017, lawsuit is filed about the unlawful promotion, marketing, and sale of various Roundup Products, with the false statement that Roundup’s active ingredient, glyphosate, targets an enzyme that is not found “in people or pets.” These false statements deceived Plaintiffs and all Class Members who would have acted differently had they known the omitted material information omitted. 4.13.2018, defendant’s motion to dismiss is granted in part (preemption; deceptive or misleading representation) and denied in part (breach of express warranty; unjust enrichment). Class certification is denied. See also case 17-941(TJK).