Abrego et al v. Dow Chemical et al

06-55109 // CV-05-03608-RGK
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Final judgment
United States, Central District of California

Farm/rural workers
Antonio Abrego Abrego
Dow Chemical, Shell Oil Company
Howard B. Miller, Walter J. Lack, Elizabeth Lane Crooke, Thomas V. Girardi, Joe J. Fisher, Mark Sparks, Scott C. Kinsel, Benton Musslewhite

Civil court
Nematicide, DBCP, Nemagon, Fumazone
Appeal of the Court decision on the request from 1160 Panamean farm workers for an unspecified amount of special, general, and punitive damages, because of their sterility and other health problems due to their exposure to DBCP.
United States Court Of Appeals for the ninth circuit of Central District of California, United States

April 4, 2006
The appeal is dismissed and the district court’s remand of this action to state court is confirmed.
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04.04.2006, Dow's appeal against indemnisation of Panamean farmworkers exposed to DBCP is rejected. In 1979, Dow was still using DBCP on its banana plantations in Panama despite having been banned by EPA. 1160 workers in the plantation have sued the company because their suffer sterility and other serious health problems due to their exposure to DBCP.