Pesticide-Checkup! Test the pesticides in your hair!

  June 16, 2022

The association Good Food Good Farming (GFGF) invites European citizens to participate in a European participatory science action, Pesticide-Checkup!

Until June 30, 2022, it is proposed to all those who want to request a hair test, conducted by an independent French laboratory, which will seek to detect the presence of residues of 30 pesticides in the hair. This study will make it possible to report on the impregnation of European citizens.

Pesticides contaminate most of the fields and the bodies of agricultural workers, but they also impregnate the bodies of citizens and our close environments, especially through the food we eat. We are all concerned.

In May 2020, the European Union (EU) published the Farm to Table Strategy, a declaration of intent to reduce pesticide use in the EU by 50% by 2030. This non-binding objective is threatened by the resistance of EU governments and the agrochemical lobby, which does not hesitate to use the war in Ukraine to try to postpone or even eliminate the pesticide reduction targets, arguing that there is a risk of food crisis.

In this context, NGOs want to push European decision-makers to make a binding commitment to the pesticide reduction target and to adopt an ambitious and legally binding regulation. The hair analyses aim to provide independent scientific data that will show the ubiquity of pesticides in the bodies of all European individuals and the need to reduce the toxic load they represent for people and ecosystems.

If you want to participate in the experiment, you can order a sampling kit for 15€. The sampling kit includes the return of the sample to the laboratory. By sending your sample to the lab, you contribute to the common effort and will receive a summary of all the results of the measurement campaign.

If, in addition to the campaign results, you wish to obtain your individual analysis results, specific to your sample, then you will have to pay the cost of your analysis, i.e. 135€ (in addition to the cost of the sampling kit). In this case, you will receive not only a summary of all the results of the measurement campaign, but also your individual analysis results in an interpreted report.