European Union: Detoxification in progress

  April 25, 2022

The European Commission published on April 25 its roadmap on the restriction of harmful chemicals, envisaged under the REACH regulation (1907/2006) on the registration, evaluation, authorization and restriction of chemicals.

The European environmental protection organization, European Environmental Bureau (EEB), believes that if it is effectively implemented, the EU roadmap could lead to banning 5,000 to 7,000 chemicals by 2030, which is a very important step forward for the protection of the environment and human health. By establishing a transparent framework for future restrictions, the Commission is enabling industry to anticipate their necessary conversion.

The roadmap gives priority to restrictions on substances “most harmful to human health and the environment”, as provided for in the strategy resulting from the European Green Deal. It targets PVCs, bisphenols and flame retardants.

However, these restrictions unfortunately do not apply to the substances present in pesticides, which are spread in massive quantities in the environment, despite their recognized toxicity for biodiversity and human and animal health.

In line with this roadmap, it is urgent that the European Union immediately bans the most toxic pesticides and moves towards agricultural and food systems without toxic chemicals.



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