The Pesticides Action Week, from March 20 to 30

  March 16, 2022

Every year for the past seventeen years, the Pesticides Action Week invites citizens to learn more about the effects of pesticides on health and the environment and their alternatives. 

SPAP is a federative, national and international event, coordinated by our partner Générations Futures, which takes place from March 20 to 30. These dates were not chosen at random; they correspond to the beginning of spring in the Northern hemisphere and the period of resumption of pesticide spraying in cultivated areas. 

This year’s theme is “One Health: one health for our territories“. 

This theme allows us to address the richness of our territories while insisting on the fact that damaging and mistreating our land, especially by using pesticides, is also damaging our health, directly and indirectly. It is all the more important to promote what NGOs really mean by “One Health” as this concept is currently being captured and misused by representatives of the agribusiness.

Nearly 50 partners will be mobilized again this year, both in France but also abroad (Togo, Switzerland, Sweden, Senegal in particular). And Justice Pesticides is proud to be one of these partners! 

The year 2022 is particularly important on the European level with the revision of the European directive on pesticides! And it is on March 23, right during SPAP, that the European Commission will present its proposal for a directive on the sustainable use of pesticides (SUD). The negotiations will be tough during this period, which is also the French Presidency of the EU!