Presentation of Justice Pesticides to the press

  September 25, 2017

The association Justice Pesticides aims to advise and bring together all those who consider themselves victims of pesticides in the world.
Faced with the phyto-product manufacturers’ strategy,”the only effective response today is… the networking of all current and future pesticide victims, whether they are farmers, neighbours, local communities, researchers or others,” explains Corinne Lepage, lawyer, former Minister of the Environment (1995-1997), President of the European Commission.
The association has set up a website that will eventually make it possible to have all the decisions taken in the world concerning pesticides and references to scientific studies.
The site allows searches to be carried out using various filters (keywords, country of jurisdiction, targeted products, type of plaintiffs, date of decision, etc.). Everyone can enrich the database by entering the cases they know about. Contributions will be published after verification by the association.

Press contacts:
Arnaud Apoteker Tel: 06 07 57 31 60 60
Sabine Rozier-Deroche Tél: 06 42 66 45 24

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